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Old June 20th, 2013, 01:51 AM
stylifyfashion stylifyfashion is offline
Join Date: Jun 2013
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Exclamation Drop Down Filters Don't Work

Store ID: 289071

Hi Eric

I have created a fashion store. The store has a large number of brands,prices and merchants and colours. To save room I have created three dropdown form filters. One for PRICE ('price'), one for COLOUR ('word") and one for BRAND ('brand').

The filters work fine individually, however once you select for example the price filter, then select the colour filter, the colour filter cancels out the previous filter. Hence I can only ever have one filter. It is possible to have three filters operational (just like the html side widget text filters). Refer to screencast.

Thanks in advance.

<form method="get">

<select name="price" onchange='this.form.submit()'>

<option value=""<?php if (@$_GET['']=='') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>FILTER BY PRICE</option>
<option value="-10"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='-10') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Less than $10</option>
<option value="10-25"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='10-25') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>$10 - $25</option>
<option value="25-50"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='25-50') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>$25 - $50</option>
<option value="50-100"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='50-100') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>$50 - $100</option>
<option value="100-150"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='100-150') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>$100 - $150</option>
<option value="150-250"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='150-250') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>$150 - $250</option>
<option value="250-500"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='250-500') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>$250 - $500</option>
<option value="500-"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='500-') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>More than $500</option>
<?php if (@$_GET['price']) { ?>
<p><a href="[server.url type='fullpage' query='-price']">[X] Remove Price Filter</a></p>
<?php } ?>



<form method="get">
<select name="word" onchange='this.form.submit()'>
<option value=""<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>FILTER BY COLOUR</option>
<option value="aqua"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='aqua') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Aqua</option>
<option value="beige"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='beige') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Beige</option>
<option value="black"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='black') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Black</option>
<option value="blue"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='blue') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Blue</option>
<option value="bone"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='bone') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Bone</option>
<option value="brown"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='brown') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Brown</option>
<option value="electric"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='electric') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Electric</option>
<option value="gold"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='gold') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Gold</option>
<option value="green"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='green') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Green</option>
<option value="grey"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='grey') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Grey</option>
<option value="navy"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='navy') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Navy</option>
<option value="paprika"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='paprika') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Paprika</option>
<option value="pink"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='pink') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Pink</option>
<option value="purple"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='purple') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Purple</option>
<option value="red"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='red') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Red</option>
<option value="ripple"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='ripple') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Ripple</option>
<option value="silver"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='silver') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Silver</option>
<option value="scarlet"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='scarlet') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Scarlet</option>
<option value="vermillion"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='vermillion') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Vermillion</option>
<option value="white"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='white') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>White</option>
<option value="yellow"<?php if (@$_GET['word']=='yellow') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Yellow</option>
<?php if (@$_GET['word']) { ?>
<p><a href="[server.url type='fullpage' query='-word']">[X] Remove Filter</a></p>
<?php } ?>



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Old June 20th, 2013, 03:06 AM
stylifyfashion stylifyfashion is offline
Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 10

Store ID: 42001

I posted the wrong store ID previously.
Old June 20th, 2013, 08:01 AM
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Datafeedr Team
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I posted an answer here: /show...2963#post42963

A full example of a brand, price, color and merchant drop down filter would look like this:

HTML Code:
<form method="get">
	<!-- Brand drop down select menu -->
	<select name="brand">
		<?php echo dfr_get_brands(); ?>
	<!-- Merchant drop down select menu -->
	<select name="merchant_id">
		<?php echo dfr_get_merchants(); ?>
	<!-- Price drop down select menu -->  
	<select name="price">
		<option value="0-100" <?php if (@$_GET['price']=='0-100') {echo ' selected="selected"';} ?>>$0 - $100</option>
		<option value="100-500" <?php if (@$_GET['price']=='100-500') {echo ' selected="selected"';} ?>>$100 - $500</option>
		<option value="500-10000" <?php if (@$_GET['price']=='500-10000') {echo ' selected="selected"';} ?>>$500 - $10,000</option>
	<!-- Color drop down select menu -->  
	<select name="word">
		<option value="blue" <?php if (@$_GET['word']=='blue') {echo ' selected="selected"';} ?>>Blue</option>
		<option value="black" <?php if (@$_GET['word']=='black') {echo ' selected="selected"';} ?>>Black</option>
		<option value="green" <?php if (@$_GET['word']=='green') {echo ' selected="selected"';} ?>>Green</option>
	<input type="submit" value="Go" />
Old June 20th, 2013, 11:02 PM
stylifyfashion stylifyfashion is offline
Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 10
Smile All Fixed

Store ID: 42001

Hi Eric,

I implemented all your code and your advice. The filters now work perfectly. Many thanks for your help and your rapid response.



Last edited by Eric : August 4th, 2013 at 02:09 PM. Reason: Removed website URL.
Old June 20th, 2013, 11:26 PM
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Datafeedr Team
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 16,902


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