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Old November 29th, 2012, 06:05 PM
nzcid nzcid is offline
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Default StoreYa Feedback

Hey Team these are my thoughts on StoreYa intergration on FacBook.

1. Being Honest here - I do not like Facebook because it is so full of holes and more and more issues are coming to the fore that Mr FB seems not to deal with as well. Seen many horror stories about the way people are using FB as well, last one yesterday, all which have huge impacts on the individuals, families lives. (my opinion and not interested what anyone else says.)

2. Even though I feel this way I was more than prepared to test StoreYa intergation out with an open mind.

3. Creted a page for my electronics buinsess here:

4. Intergrated the paid version of StoreYa. Only thing I did was change there default button to order online. The datafeedr end was very easy to setup and had no issues with this.

5. Emma the support person who looked after me was fantastic and answered every question I put to her and they changed my intergrated store to include the words "USD" after the price but for whatever reason that has now disappeared. Personally I think this should be standard as currently no one knows until they actually clcik on the item what currency the price is in.

6. Now the question here was to see if my current followers used this shop or was there a way to interest them in my products without them going through the shop, so here is what I did on thta FB page.

7. Every day I choose one of our top selling products and used a link to my web site detailed page, along with a description and a photograph of the product as a post. This was to see if they clicked on this or would they go to the store and have a look through the products. Surprisngly enough they simply clicked on the link in the post and went direct to my web site and purchased the product using the web site rather than StoreYa links. In fact they never even went into the store.

8. So for me at least it is far better to simply create a post, add a link to my detailed page and if someone is interested in the actual product they will click on that link and use my current store. So I had to weigh up why would I pay a monthly fee for a store no one is using as good as the intergration is and its ease of use and its looks. Quite frankly the store should be the page itself rather than tucked away and only being able to access it by clicking an icon on my page. My experiment proved that because having the product(s) showing as posts along with images of the product were far more effective in getting an action from my visitors to my page. This is a limitation of Facebook itself not of StoreYa. Downside in doing this is, that it is very time consuming but I only posted one product once a day and the result was that I got two sales over two weeks from this method and none from the StoreYa shop over the same period.

9. Advertising - not prepared to give Mr FB any hard earned dollars to advertise it to its wider audience and wanted to see what my current "like" customers would do before if I was going to, pay for some advertising to draw more customers.

10. So would I use StoreYa - for me personally I would be happy at this point to have the "free" store but not prepared to pay a monthly fee because of the "way" my little experiment played itself out as to what the visitor preferred to do.

Again I will say this very clearly - the datafeedr intergration is great, easy to set up and easy to get working. StoreYa themselves were amazing in the support they gave me but in this case I simply would not be prepared to give StoreYa a monthly fee simply to allow more products to be shown in the shop when people simply do not use it. Hence I have cancelled my monthly payment and dropped back to the free version.

Also as a business, I follow business writings and it appears in this country more and more small businesses are opting out of FB and are preferring to push their own web sites. There are the other reasons they are opting out of FB and that relates to FB itself and the way it is being used by those who seem to want to destroy peoples lives.

These are my thoughts only are are in no way meant to detract in any way what StoreYa offer or the datafeedr intergation as they have their place. I would encourage Datafeedr users to do a similar experiment and give their feedback as well.

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