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Hi Eric,
I did this and indeed it did cut the time in about 1/2. The home page is taking only about 12 to 15 secs to load vs the 30 secs. However, I still think it is not quite fast enough. Without the plugin activated it is about 5 to 6 secs. It would be good to at least get it to around 8 to 10 secs. Can you tell me what is being loaded in the background for the home page? Again there are no actual comparison sets on this page whatsover, no products etc since I am not using a store. All the images of the shoes are being stored locally. I just can't comprehend what would make it load so slow at all. I used to use a Cache plugin but it was causing other problems, could not get my sitemap automatically updated etc, so I did delete it and followed all the steps to delete that other site never used this Cache plugin so I thought it might be there, but it is not. I appreciate that it is not as slow as it was yesterday, but really hoping that there is still something that could be done.

Thanks for helping me through this.