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Default Site is extremely slow and I have detected that it is the Datafeedr PlugIn

My home page takes about 30 secs to load, subsequent pages takes less. I have two site running datafeedr and this is the only one that I am having a problem with speed. So much so that I spent hours testing other problems and finally as a last ditch effort I deactivated the datafeedr plug in and the site loaded in 2 secs, so I know that it is something with datafeedr. For now, I have reactivated the datafeedr plug-in so you can see it for yourself. Please note that I do not have a store, I just use comparison sets through the site. I set the Store page to private.

Website URL:

The worst is the home page, in terms of time to load.

Also I have consistently gotten an error as follows to my email:
This is to inform you that the automatic update on your website ( has failed. Please see the error message(s) below:

-Downloaded file not readable (more info:

Not sure if this is related. I was not concerned because as I mentioned I don't have a store, just comparison sets. Interestingly I don't get this error with my other site that uses datafeedr.

Please let me know if I can provide any further details and thanks for your assistance.