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I don't want it to search tags and descriptions. Just the "name" (title) But it's seems to only search exact order of words. "Odyssey Putter" yields zero results, but "Odyssey" and "putter" searches yield many results. The results for "Odyssey Putter" gives many results with "odyssey" and "putter" in the title. But since they aren't adjacent to each other it shows no results.

One of the results for "odyssey" is for "Odyssey White Hot Pro Mini D.A.R.T. Putter" . If I search for "Odyssey White" I get a ton of results. However "Odyssey Putter" yields zero.

So the problem isn't that I'm searching just the title. The problem is that to find anything you have to type in the exact phrase in the exact order...or just search for one word.

Here are the 3 search results for "Odyssey Putter". "Odyssey" and "Odyssey white."

Search for "Odyssey Putter":

Search for "Odyssey":

Search for "Odyssey white":

The search for Odyssey will retrieve many results with both search terms in the title. So it's not that the words aren't in the title, it's that they may not be in the exact order. Is their a way for this to search for words in the title and not "a word" or an exact match?