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Default brand name

Hi Eric,

I am reopening the case of brand name

"2. Not all products have a brand name associated with them. However, for those that do, you can replace [] in your various Views with this code:

PHP Code:
<?php if ( isset( $product->brand ) && !empty( $product->brand ) ) { echo $product->brand; } else { echo $product->name; } ?>
That will display the brand name if it exists otherwise the product name."

Today I am segmenting the navigation based on products tagged by a certain brand, for example: "jack & Jones"

So in a way, ALL products listed here will belong by definition to this brand, so they should all have the brand name somewhere in the database, rigth?

Is there any way that I can only display the brand name or the merchant name? or nothing at all like it is now?

Thanks for your help.