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Default Feature Request: "LOADING" JavaScript

Hey All,

OK, can someone tell me how to create a JavaScript "loading" JavaScript?

We all see this often on certain websites where when you click on an outbound link, instead of being taken directly to the new site, we are fetched a "loading" graphic with an icon that will say something like, "Loading," "Redirecting", etc.

Now, I want to use this with Datafeedr. Here are the benefits:

1. Improves conversion rate.

2. Lowers risk of merchant/affiliate network seeing our landing pages (yes, some of them out there will flat out steal your ideas or worse). The loading time if we use a javascript redirect will prevent anyone from seeing your traffic; shows up as "blank" on their end.

3. Most important, it makes the visitor think they are NOT on an affiliate site. How's that? Well, instead of saying "Loading" or "Redirecting", have the script say this: "Finding The Lowest Price" (or whatever; coupon sites do this all the time).

So, who is with me?

BTW, if Datafeedr doesn't want to do this, can anyone tell me how to build it out in Wordpress? I'll share the mod with you guys here if that's the case.