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Hi Eric,

Not sure if I'm getting this. I already have a coupons category (hidden) created. All of the coupons do appear on the product detail pages from the merchant whose product detail is displayed. However on the Zazzle products no coupons display because I didn't get the products from the datafeed, as the products I want to display were not in the datafeed. (they only have a % of all their products in the feed. I want MY products from my zazzle store on this site.) So I added these products using custom products and created links to the pages of my zazzle store by using the create a custom link feature in share a sale. By doing it this way datafeedr doesn't "know" to put the coupons for zazzle under these products. So I just need to have the zazzle datafeed coupons show up under my custom zazzle products that I didn't grab from the datafeed because they aren't in the datafeed. I think the tutorial you gave me was something I already have, but doesn't work for products no taken from the datafeed of products. I was thinking of just adding any one other product from the zazzle datafeed to this page in order to have the coupons show up, but when I activate the zazzle datafeed by checking it in my merchants list a ton of products I don't want show up all over the site. So I can't do that.

if you need to see what I set up the code for the store being used is saveongolfcopy in my factory.

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