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Default Comparison Sets

URL to page in question:

Hi Eric! Thank you so much for helping me resolve our issues. It works great now! Now I have one more request that has to do with the Comparison Sets.

Now that the coupons popup window is working, we are adding a feature that when the product has a comparison set, it will show a tab next to the coupon tab inside the popup window called Compare. If you go to the page listed above, and click on one of the coupons button on one of the products that has a COMPARE button at the bottom, you'll see what we want to accomplish.

So far we added an the IF () statement that when the product has a comparison set, it will add the Compare tab, and if it doesn't it will not. You can try this by clicking on the coupons button on another product that doesn't have the Compare button at the bottom and you'll see that the only tab that shows up is the Coupons tab.

But now the situation is that when you click on the Compare tab, I was only able to get it to work with one compset_id, and not for the compset for that particular product. So that's where I need your help. I need the Compare tab to show the comparison set of the selected product.

Here's the code that I have in place:

HTML Code:
<div class="compare">
         <?php if ( $product->compset_status > 0 ) : ?>
                    [tabs][tab title="Coupons"]<?php echo $coupons; ?>[/tab] [tab title="Compare"][DFR:compset?compset_id=56261][/tab][/tabs]
<?php else : ?>
  [tabs][tab title="Coupons"]<?php echo $coupons; ?>[/tab][/tabs]
<?php endif; ?>

And one more question, which you've probably gotten many times: Is there a way to automate the comparison sets in any way? Or is there a way to make do the comparisons in an easier and faster way?

Thanks in advance!