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URL to page in question:

I have one more question: When on a Category page, we want to have the same functionality with the coupons, but instead we want to show an icon on all those products whose Merchant has coupons. See link above to see where we are with this. So it would be pretty much the same concept as on the Product Detail Page, but this time on the Category Pages and with a Coupon Icon that will show up when that Merchant has Coupons and will open up the popup window when clicked.

This is what we have so far:

HTML Code:
<?php $coupons = datafeedr_tag('Coupons?merchant='.$product->merchant).'&c=1456737'; ?>
<?php if ( strlen( $coupons ) > 250 ) : ?>
  <div class="sale-mask">
    <a class="fancybox" href="#coupons">C</a>
    <div id="coupons" style="display:none;width:800px;">
      <div id="view">
        <?php echo $coupons; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
Thanks again!