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Default "Buy It" button question

I recently signed up to a site where you give feedback on others' websites and they in turn go to yours and give you feedback. I received one feedback where the person liked the site and had no trouble finding what they wanted but when the clicked "view deal" (which I changed from "buy it" and "see it" before that)they were dismayed to learn they weren't buying from my site. I know that is the way it is and hopefully most would understand that, but it was interesting feedback.

Is there a way for that button that takes you to the retailer to automatically show what retailer you are going to? So if they are going to "Golfsmith" can the button say "see it at: and have it display the Golfsmith logo or just say "Golfsmith" so it is clear that the customer is leaving our site and going to another to buy it?

If not I'm thinking maybe to make a longer button that says "view deal at retailer", but it would be nice if some code could add the specific retailer name.