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Hi guys, a new battery of questions:

1. How can i remove the border line "1" that surrounds the product box? in store home page?

2. Can I make that the sorting of the products on home page, besides being random that it can have a sorting so that I dont have two shirts next to each other, so some kind of alternative category after another, for example, 1st product categ a, second product categ b, 3rd product categ c and so on and so forth.

3. Spacing between logo, title of store and product listings - i know it is beyond your scope of this support, but I am just going crazy finding the css and I thought perhaps you knew, how can i reduce the space between the nav bar and the title of the Store

4. related products - is there a way i can choose or select the product categories that will appear there?

thanks for your help!
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