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Hi Guys,

just a couple of things i could use your your help with:

1. Like in the previous screenshot i had attached as an example, I would like to include the product brand name (logo) or the merchant name (logo) instead of the text as is now, possible? what do i need to change in the code and where in the Store view

2. discount %, would it be possible to make a css that has:
a. Red tab as background
b. white font f the discount, so it is in contrast with the red background,
c. the position as such, top left corner in the product box

3. the alignment:
a. the product image is not centered, can it be? what would i need to change and where? I tried the css including "center" in the align divs, but didnt work, any ideas?
b. product title and price, the are centered and i would lke them to be left like the discount. any ideas?

4. Mobile view, when i clicked on the product, the product page shows the product description on the right hand side of the picture, which in vertical screen view it appears a very narrow parragraph, what would i need to change in the view to have the text below?

5. image sizes, in the example i sent you, the images have diff sizes which allows a better display according to product features, is there a possibility to comtemplate that in datafeedr?

6. Price font size and color, any chance to make it a bit bigger and uniformeus? Today the font makes it appear as if it was on curve. in the screen shot i sent it looks much more straight.

thanks for your help and sorry for the long list
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