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1. That's related to your theme's styling as you can see the same space in the theme's own styling: You should ask the theme developer how to change that.

2. Not all products have a brand name associated with them. However, for those that do, you can replace [] in your various Views with this code:

PHP Code:
<?php if ( isset( $product->brand ) && !empty( $product->brand ) ) { echo $product->brand;  } else { echo $product->name; } ?>
That will display the brand name if it exists otherwise the product name.

3. I see you've already made the image size change to your Category Views like this page:

You just need to apply the same change to your Store's Front Page view.

Also, make sure you use [product.image instead of [product.thumbnail wherever you want larger images to appear.

4. Here's how to add sorting filters to your category pages:

Here's how to generate a brand filter:

You can combine those into 1 filter bar. However the layout and design of the bar will be up to you.

Also, given you are sensitive to the design, if your Parallax theme supports WooCommerce, you may be more interested in our WooCommerce product. Here's more info: