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Default Want to use API


When I use datafeedr factory to import localamazon.coms coupons, I need to type my amazon affiliate ID, (I successfully import some coupons from this merchant) but if I want to import coupons from without affiliate ID, (because I dont have this affiliate ID yet) my question is: can I use datafeedr API to import it? I know that without affiliate ID in my product link will result in me not receiving credit for the referral, but I got VigLink, can I use datafeedr API to import restaurant.coms data without typing affiliate ID, because VigLink Convert will automatically monetize existing links across all pages in my website.
Also can I use datafeedr API to import more data (coupons) from other merchants without affiliate ID? And I also use VigLink for Monetize existing links.

Please advise

Thank you for your attention

Don Lee