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Originally Posted by yankeestonk View Post
So when you went a-wall on me there for a few hours I thought something was wrong. Hope nothing is wrong on your end.
Note that I live in Europe - CET timezone.

I'm 6 or more hrs ahead of you depending on where you live in the US.

Although I'm working fairly late when you post in the evening it's middle of the night here.

Originally Posted by yankeestonk View Post
when you say to "get rid of these tags" are you saying to change them to something else or delete them.
Make sure they don't appear again.

Originally Posted by yankeestonk View Post
Last thing. If I'm using WP supercache, do I turn off cache settings in datafeedr? Do I need supercahce since you have cache settings in datafeedr? (didn't even know they were there.)
Honestly I don't know what's the best option. I never use 3rd party cache plugins on my personal websites nor do I use Datafeedr's cache settings.

In any way I advise you to clear all existing caches, switch off all cache plugins you have activated as long as your site is in development mode.

It only leads to confusion when testing things out.