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Glad you are still there! I thought you got frustrated with all of my questions and tuned me out! Eric responded to my cry for help that you guys can't guarantee 2 hour support. I get that, and if there's one thing you guys are better at than anything else is support. So when you went a-wall on me there for a few hours I thought something was wrong. Hope nothing is wrong on your end.

Can I ask you this: I know little to nothing about the code of the theme. My site developer is paid in full and not really that responsive anymore. So I'm **** out of luck a bit here. If I find the code, or pay someone to find the code, when you say to "get rid of these tags" are you saying to change them to something else or delete them. This is so complicated when you have a theme, a plugin and the datafeedr plugin to weigh in the mix of what could be wrong. So sorry if I was over the top on this. But when you found the title tag problem before I got nervous that my site wasn't set up correctly in the first place. Now all these possible code issues with the theme and I went from a site ready for prime time to back to the drawing board!

Last thing. If I'm using WP supercache, do I turn off cache settings in datafeedr? Do I need supercahce since you have cache settings in datafeedr? (didn't even know they were there.) thanks much Stefan.