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Eric. You do realize that to the theme creator and other plugin creators Datafeedr is the 3rd party plugin. It is hard to get support when the plugin is not working correctly in conjunction with another plugin like Datafeedr. So I was hoping that you have had other instances of this popular plugin not working correctly and would be able to share solutions you've had in the past. If I can't get support from you because of a 3rd party plugin conflict and can't get support from them because of a 3rd party conflict that leaves me out of luck.
As for the response time I agree. I've never had a complaint with support from Datafeedr. That is the best thing about it. It was so odd not to hear back that I thought Stefan was getting frustrated and just decided to stop responding. So no, I don't expect a response in a certain amount of time, but it was unusual and I was pulling my hair out trying to fix these things. Stefan also responded to a question I asked about refreshing a datafeed that was asked hours after the techinical question. So you may understand why I felt he wasn't going to answer. As it is I'm pretty much stuck now. I won't be able to get an answer about the cache and how it should be set up with Datafeedr as no one will know what Datafeedr is. So if that's your final answer, to ask the developer I'm pretty much screwed.

Can you at least tell me if I need WP Super Cache if I'm turning on caching in datafeedr and what the settings should be there? Also is it a problem if caching is on in Datafeedr AND I'm using the Supercache. Do you see how confusing this is? I was trying to get outside help yesterday and I couldn't even explain what it was I needed.

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