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Hey Stefan. Thanks for the help on this. I'm getting the feeling that the only way to deal with this is to uncheck Amazon completely from the store unfortunately. I gave you the link where you can see in just one very specific category on my site I'm showing 8-10 Amazon products priced at zero dollars. That messes up the whole experience of the site. And almost all of those are unavailable when you click through. Unless you guys have come up with a way to not display any products at all...Amazon or otherwise anywhere on the site if the price is zero, then putting amazon products on the site is not an option. That's a huge loss, but no one wants to search through 1/2 the results showing prices of $0.00. Are you sure there is no way for me to set up the store so it won't show any products from anyone if the price is lower than $1? If you click the link above and click through to Amazon from most of them the products will say unavailable. I already did manually update the amazon api. Didn't change all the zeros. I think vendors on Amazon just let the price go to zero when they run out of an item so they don't have to take it down. It makes it easier to put it back later if they get more inventory. It sucks for us though.

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