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Originally Posted by jinxs View Post
1) Is this course of action to get better content still relevant today for generating and attracting traffic?(...and rankings)
Spinner/scraper software is not the way to go to get "better content".

You want to ensure that you publish only valuable, high quality unique pages on your site.

It's important to keep Google's affiliate site guidelines in mind when building your site.


By having thin, low quality and/or duplicate content pages indexed you are dragging down the overall "quality score" of your site considerably, and more than likely – you'll be caught under some sort of Panda penalty sooner or later.

See last paragraph in the above guidelines:

Pure affiliate sites consisting of content that appears in many other places on the web are unlikely to perform well in Google search results and may be negatively perceived by search engines.

Unique, relevant content provides value to users and distinguishes your site from other affiliates, making it more likely to rank well in Google search results.

Therefore I don't recommend spinner/scraper software. You'd be better off writing content yourself or outsourcing it to "REAL" writers - not software.

If you're looking to outsource things check out the thread below. I've tried Aaron's service in the past. His team does a good job.

Or check out the WarriorForum (section Warriors for hire) or any other freelance site to find other freelance writers.

Originally Posted by jinxs View Post
2) Are these two softwares mentioned above worth the investment and do I need to purchase both , or is one adequate enough to do the job?
My advice is not to buy them.

Originally Posted by jinxs View Post
3)Should I leave the already generated Amazon products in place until my traffic improves or should I remove all Amazon associations from my websites until the traffic improves and then add Amazon Affiliates later?
That's up to you. If you plan to add content in the coming days so your site gets a better balance between affiliate products and content I would not remove any products.

Of course if you want to play it safe and prevent that Amazon rejects your associates account again you may start from scratch again.

Note that you don't have to build a store in order to monetize your site.

You can also embed products and comparison sets in your articles.

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