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Good afternoon all... I have an issue. Amazon has been dropping me as an affiliate lately every 3-4 weeks because they say I lack relevant content to attract and promote traffic. Thankfully because of Datafeedr, adding Affiliates and their products is now a breeze, but I want to be in compliance so I can ultimately make money.

OK... fair enough. So I figured I will start posting articles. I've been reading a bit and I see two great recommendations to do the best job of getting and spinning good articles are 'The Best Spinner' and 'Get Article Pro'.

Now I have no problem spending money to get my business growing, but over the years I have spent literally thousands of dollars in useless, redundant, irrelevant software and services that don't work because mostly Google or the 'Internet' has made them so and now I am extremely cautious.

My questions are...
1) Is this course of action to get better content still relevant today for generating and attracting traffic?(...and rankings)
2) Are these two softwares mentioned above worth the investment and do I need to purchase both , or is one adequate enough to do the job?
3)Should I leave the already generated Amazon products in place until my traffic improves or should I remove all Amazon associations from my websites until the traffic improves and then add Amazon Affiliates later?

Thanking you in advance and eagerly awaiting your responses.