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Hi Stefan,

Yes, it's working! Eureka! Thanks for all your help! And yes, Worldwide Golf had what they call a "platform change" a few weeks ago. So I think it was a matter of completely changing all the product feeds that exasperated the issue. C.J. was slow to fix the problem with the dual feeds, and I had to keep bothering you guys to update the feed because C.J. wasn't keeping us informed as to where they were at and Worldwide Golf were somewhat in the dark as well. So I was getting Worldwide Golf telling me to "try it now" and I'd have to ask you for special updates when the fix wasn't in place yet....but neither of us knew for sure if it was or wasn't. Then finally C.J. says it's fixed and as luck would have it the feed is unavailable when you do the update and it looked like it still wasn't fixed! Ugh! But thanks for the extra attention you gave to this. I know you guys are running 1000's of datafeed updates 24/7 and it's a royal pain in the backside to have one guy asking for the same feed updated over and over. So sorry about that and thanks for hanging in there with us.