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Regarding the 3 products you mention...

1) Cobra AMP Cell Driver - Red

See attached screenshot.

The Cobra AMP Cell Driver was available in different colors in the datafeed.

Now when I check today's datafeed only the orange colored driver is available while the other colors have been removed from the datafeed.


The orange colored Cobra AMP Cell Driver product link still works.

The other colored Cobra AMP Cell Driver links no longer work although the products still exist on merchant's site (see above URL).

I guess because these products are no longer in the datafeed the links have been deactivated.

2) Cobra AMP CELL Pro Driver Limited Edition & Taylormade R11s TP Driver

These 2 products no longer exist in today's datafeed and I couldn't find the products on merchant's site either.

That's why the links no longer redirect to the corresponding product page.


At first sight everything looks fine on merchant's end - that is the product links in datafeed are working (at least the ones I tested).

Because Worldwide Golf seems to continuously change the products in their datafeed we just can't keep up with the changes as we only run CJ updates every 2-3 days.

That's why you may end up temporarily with products on your site with links not redirecting to the corresponding product pages.

With our next CJ update, the 3 products should be automatically removed from your site.
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