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Excellent.. I have few more queries...

Backups - it is not mentioned what exactly does it backs up? Store settings, price comparison sets and everything else on the datafeedr site? Entire store?

I am not really good with codes. What I need to do is byfocate price comparison sets based on country / currency so users interested in US can click on the USD link and it will scroll down automatically. Likewise for all countries like UK etc.

[DFR:Embeddable Comp Set?compset_id=xxxxxxx]
For this code, if a product is removed, another takes it place but is there a way where I can see all the products that are removed so I can run periodic tests and replace them with new products?

If I add a product from a network/merchant with whom I am not affiliated but add its products to the price comparison set anyway, and after some time I do get accepted in their program and add my affiliate ids in the datafeedr factory settings, then the links on my site will update automatically to reflect my affiliate ids for those merchants? I will get commission then?

Anything else I should understand and keep in mind? Just asking anything off the top of your mind.

Thanks a lot.

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