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Originally Posted by tacshack View Post
I can only add one amazon aff link at a time. What if I want to add links from US, UK, India and more? I could not find option to include multiple affiliate links.
You can use different Amazon locales for one site.

In Store > Affiliate IDs & Tracking Parameters click the "Add Affiliate ID" button at the top.

Then choose Amazon and then in the Sub-Network column the Amazon locale you want.

See screenshot as an example.

Originally Posted by tacshack View Post
Datafeedr widgets not working. Do they only work when importing products to categories? I am not using product categories and not importing products directly on to site. Just using price comparison via shortcodes.
Datafeedr widgets only make sense when you create a real store - that is creating categories and filling them with products.

Originally Posted by tacshack View Post
Do you plan to include Indian affiliate networks / merchants? It is a very fast developing economy and eCommerce is really picking up here. Population is huge too!! Any plans?
Not at this time.

If you know Indian affiliate networks with merchants offering datafeeds let us know and we'll take a look.

Originally Posted by tacshack View Post
I dont see ebay in the list of supported affiliate networks. Any plans? If not then any alternative solutions you might suggest that plays well with datafeedr price comparison sets?
I guess you mean and not eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network ( ) which we support.

We don't support and there are no plans to support the network.

Originally Posted by tacshack View Post
Lastly, if the merchant makes changes in the product or removes it and lists another product or changes product id, then what happens to the price comparison set that I have created? Price comparison depends on product ids as I understand? I intend to add one set for each product so it can get troublesome to check whether all is good. Is there a way like saved searches for price comparison so that all the products in the saved searches will automatically create a price comparison set and update it on my site in case of changes in the product info? Does it usually happens? Merchants changing their product ids?
If a product is no longer available in our database the product is automatically removed from the comparison set. If that product is the master product your comparison set won't appear anymore on your site.

Therefore we introduced a new and better shortcode in order to prevent your compsets from disappearing once the master product is no longer available in our database.

Instead of referring to the product ID of the master product you can now directly refer to the compset ID which you find in the compset URL in the Factory.

Therefore I suggest you use this shortcode: [DFR:compset?compset_id=xxxxx]

compset: the name of the view.

xxxxx: the compset ID.

When you use this shortcode and a master product is no longer available, the plugin will make the first of compset products a master.
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