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Default Multiple Amazon associates ids

I can only add one amazon aff link at a time. What if I want to add links from US, UK, India and more? I could not find option to include multiple affiliate links.

Datafeedr widgets not working. Do they only work when importing products to categories? I am not using product categories and not importing products directly on to site. Just using price comparison via shortcodes.

Do you plan to include Indian affiliate networks / merchants? It is a very fast developing economy and eCommerce is really picking up here. Population is huge too!! Any plans?

I dont see ebay in the list of supported affiliate networks. Any plans? If not then any alternative solutions you might suggest that plays well with datafeedr price comparison sets?

Lastly, if the merchant makes changes in the product or removes it and lists another product or changes product id, then what happens to the price comparison set that I have created? Price comparison depends on product ids as I understand? I intend to add one set for each product so it can get troublesome to check whether all is good. Is there a way like saved searches for price comparison so that all the products in the saved searches will automatically create a price comparison set and update it on my site in case of changes in the product info? Does it usually happens? Merchants changing their product ids?

Thank you for your time. Much appreciated.