Thread: Traffic Jam?
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1. Ill rephrase, my Store Front Page, 2rows: (a) why is Product List, Category ID 1362436 (products) not showing, (b) Product List, Category ID: 1362452 is not inserted but another Category ID > /store/image/1424400041596282/mrm-bcaa-g-1000-lemonade-2-2-lb/ , list of products is there. I can not find where this Category ID is coming from to delete it for the said Category ID 1362452. HELP .

2. My "Lemonade Diet", Category ID 1361467 is not showing up but another Category ID is, its the same Category ID as stated above, 1(b) which is also the same Category ID problem that is occurring for all my Categories, need to delete this > /store/image/1424400041596282/mrm-bcaa-g-1000-lemonade-2-2-lb/ , to able correct Category IDs. Help .

this is what I call a traffic jam .... do you (see) understand .... mmmmmmm ....