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Default UPC codes

It was suggested to me by the owner of one of the golf retail stores that I'm using in my site that I'm returning too many results when a particular club is typed in. He suggested I filter using the UPC codes. I have a few questions:

1. Where can I get the UPC codes? Are they in the datafeeds at all or do I have to contact all the manufacturers?

2. If I have a broad category like "Taylormade Drivers". It will have all of the Drivers made by Taylormade golf. If I want to narrow that down by UPC code would a good way to do that be have the catagory "drivers", then a sub-catagory "Taylor-made Drivers"..then a 3rd sub catagory for the differnt models and search just those by UPC code?

3Finally...If I set it up as above in #2. If someone types in say a Taylormade R11 driver that I have indexed by UPC code, will it come up for them? Or would THEY have to search for the UPC code to pull it up through search? (if that makes sense)

Any suggestions/tips would be apprecitate.