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I meant in the simple or advanced search widget that is on the live site. I had my coder go in and try to set it up but said there was no way he could see to do it from "outside", and that I should suggest it as a feature. I have the regular search box and the Merchant Filter box. But on the page I have on my site of just items on sale, there is no way to search that list. Other than we did put in a "search by price and search by sale price "high to low" and "low to high". Could not make it actually search for say "Drivers on sale", which would be alot more useful.

Side Q. Where do I go to change the title over the simple search bar? I want to change it from "Search Store" to "Search Entire Store", just to avoid the confusion of being on a page of just sale items and the search bar searches the whole site and not just the items displayed on that page.


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