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Default Version 1.5.2 of plugin released

This releases fixes a few bugs as well as adds one very big feature.
  • added date (in addition to time) to next scheduled post in drip options
  • fixed bug related to 404 URL's
  • fixed bug related to pages showing errors on paginated pages that didn't exist
  • fixed conflict with Facebook plugin
  • added Beta version of referrers script
The referrers script is very powerful as now you can figure out the following information:
  1. If you see a lot of sales are coming from one or more specific keyword searches, you can determine exactly which keywords you should focus on in order to maintain a good ranking in the search engines by building more backlinks for these keywords, for example.
  2. Or when sales occur for keywords but the site can still be improved in ranking for these keywords, further efforts can be undertaken to improve the search engine ranking for these keywords. Or additional pages can be created for derivative keywords.
  3. When sales are coming from links on a specific external site because you've purchased a banner ad for example, you can decide to continue paying for advertising on that site or not depending on the number of sales coming from that site.

It's still in Beta mode as there may be some things to work out for different hosting environments.