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Hi Eric,

Just so you are aware, I've been on the phone now with 10+ hosting companies (including Liquid Web). Every single one of them has that variable set to 4, and every single one of them is unwilling to change that within the context of a shared hosting environment. This is not a problem isolated to GoDaddy.

I don't understand why the search would be coded in such a way as to present a problem to, from what I can gather, any shared hosting environment within any of the top hosting companies.

VPS solutions are $50+. That's a huge cost to swallow up for start-ups. I really feel this issue does not get the attention it deserves. It truly renders site search useless, which is arguably the single most important factor in generating revenue. In our case, we cannot even accurately test our site to ensure that we have properly set everything up, from a technical standpoint (our site is very specific in emphasizing a custom-search functionality for products).

Incredibly frustrating, and I'm not sure there's a possible solution that won't be cost-prohibitive. How is no one else running into this issue?????