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Hi Eric,

I just spoke with GoDaddy, and it was extremely frustrating. I would have to pay $244.99 per month in order to be able to change that variable.

I can't possibly believe that I am the first person to encounter this problem. Isn't there SOME way to solve this? Is there an alternate search plugin that we can use? The default WordPress search doesn't encompass the products, but is there some alternative search that does?

Or, is there any way that you can modify any code on your end to make this work? I've seen WordPress search plugins that (supposedly) allow you to search fewer characters, so there must be some way to do it.

I'm really, really upset right now. We've put 100+ man hours worth of work into our site, and what you and GoDaddy are basically telling me is that there is no way that our site can have a functional search. A four character minimum is a death sentence, it's totally illogical, and, given that GoDaddy is unwilling to help me move my site to even another host, it would seem we have no chance of making this work, except for totally starting over, and discarding all of our hard work. This is crazy. How come no one else has encountered this problem??

Please, can you think of a solution?