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Hi Eric,

Interesting, thank you for the clarifications on the differences between "description=" and "word=" - that will be useful knowledge down the road.

GoDaddy assured me (on three separate occasions, by three separate individuals) that they had no server-level minimum search word length variable defined (in fact, they assured me the minimum word length for searches is one), so they conjectured that this must be something with my specific instance of MySQL or WordPress.

Do you know where I can change this limit? I've spent so many hours searching for a place to alter ft_min_word_length, and the only thing I've come across is places saying to "add an options file". I have no idea what that is, where to place it, and what exactly it should contain.

Going on the assumption that this is not a global server variable, based on what GoDaddy told me, meaning that it is something that I can actually change, can you please tell me how to change this? This is literally the biggest obstacle we have left before we can launch our site.

Thanks so much in advance.