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Default Product search, tags, keywords

Hi !

Forum is cool, lots of answers. Here are 3 more questions:

1- I was hoping to modify product tags to create custom filters, but found out it was impossible, which was confirmed by another post.

Then I added my custom tags in the product description, hoping to later hide them (similar to that user /show...t=product+tags), and use keyword filters instead.

That works fine, and i make my custom tags >3 letters so they are searchable. Now I would like to apply keyword filters successively. For example, I apply one (e.g. keyword = "kitchen appliances"), and then the user can apply others (e.g. keyword = "pans", or "glasses"). Given the way I want to setup my store, I cannot use categories for that (but see question 3).

So question 1 is: is it possible to successively apply keyword searches ? URL would look something like that I guess: search/?word=kitchenapp+pans+... ? but not right away, it would be responsive to user choices, first being kitchenapp, and then the additional pans filtering only when clicking on that specific filter, and then potentially more.

2- Any project to add a tags field that is customizable and searchable ? Or allow users to modify original tags ? The workaround through adding hidden description tags and using keyword search has some limitations. I guess that wouldnt be too much trouble to add, I think it would help quite a few of us.

3- The whole story around filters is that many of my products will belong to several categories, and their description will be customized. So i'm trying to use filters instead of categories, so that I dont have to enter the same product and modify it several times into different categories in datafeedr. However given some limitations with the filter approach, I'm seriously considering going back to the classic category thing. It would be of great help if products from one category (which description has been customized) could be imported into other categories, without having to go through the product search and modify again.
Is that possible ? Any chance the plugin could be updated for that in the near future ?

pfiouuu sorry that's a lot, thank you !