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Default Search for multiple words in description

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I'm hoping you are able to help, because this problem has been driving me crazy.

Basically, the situation is this:

We are trying to create hand-picked selections of products. Since it is impossible to create custom tags for products, or to modify existing tags, we have resorted to copy-pasting the entire existing product description of those products we wish to "tag", and then adding our custom "tags" afterwards. We then created a JavaScript that seeks out these "tags", and makes their font color white. Thus, the "tags" exist within a product's description, but are not visible to the visitor.

What we now want to do is to essentially create a questionnaire that builds a search string that finds only those products containing all of the pertinent "tags". This is where I've gotten completely stumped, as the search behavior is not as expected.

When I search using search/?word=gsf+gsw, the search does not seem to search the description, as no results are returned (gsf and gsw are examples of our taqs, and there is one product that contains both), even though the documentation indicates that "word" does search description.

So I tried to use search/?description, and this works when I search for only one word, but, as soon as I add a second search term, it appears to only search for the last term.

So...can you please help? All I'm really trying to do is to search for multiple words within product descriptions (and this has to be on an "AND" basis, that is, all terms must be present within the description in order for the product to be returned as a result). Is there no way to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.