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Originally Posted by getcocoon View Post
Wow, that was way too simple LOL

Another question...

What happens if I get a new merchant that I want to add to those searches. How do I know that the search query will bring up the same products I need. They may be using different tags.

You will need to check that after you add new merchants to your store.

Originally Posted by getcocoon View Post
Ok, I'm working on a new category I created, & when I went into the Store ---- store merchants area, the tea merchants I had for the other category were checked off.

Why doesn't the system clear those filters? I thought it would only be attached to that category.

Your store merchants controls all merchants available for that store. If you want to have specific merchant products show up in specific categories, then you need to use the Merchant filter when performing your search and select the merchants you want to have in that category from the list of merchants.

See this:

Originally Posted by getcocoon View Post
Still not receiving notices whenever there's a response from this forum & I'm on Gmail, so I know I'm not responsible for any blocking from my hosting company.

Onto this next issue.

I'm working on shoes now which is a HUGE category with many subs.

I didn't receive any results from New Balance, so I had to clear the merchants & add in only that one merchant to see what is going on.

That gave me only 5 results.

Then I had to clear the word "shoe."

That still ONLY gave me 7 products. LOL

NB has a bit of an ego going on there. They don't name their sneakers anything, just New Balance

But besides that, why is there ONLY 7 items in their entire store?


I really can't say. I'm on Gmail and I always receive notification of replies.

Who's store are you referring to?

Originally Posted by getcocoon View Post
So when my search says:

Found 71,969 products
1,213 records

I'm not understanding that.

I know what a record is, but does that mean 1213 pages?

There's a huge difference between those 2 numbers.


I'm not sure that's the full message however in some cases 1,213 would be referring to the number of relevant results.

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