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Ok, so I went ahead & tried it out (and watched the 2 videos btw) & it was obvious I couldn't exclude the word "tea", so I took it out of the exclusion list.

I came up this search query:

glass|infuser|pot|teapot|teaware|appliance|carafe| mug -beverage|loose|loose-tea|tin|tea-pouches|pouches

But when I did that, it only gave me 16 results. I know there's a lot more than 16 results, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Please tell me.

Also, by accident I clicked on one of the tags (product category) & its + sign.

What happens when I do that & it turns negative?

Lastly, clearly this requires a lot of thought, so can you give me the steps you go through when narrowing down a search.

Like I had to take a sheet of paper & start listing all the tags from the items I did want & then make another list of the tags from the items I didn't want, but clearly that didn't work.