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Ok, just went to search those symbols & I found it on this page - but I don't know how to create the pipe symbol from my keyboard.

Other questions:

1. Why would |mug|set|scoop produce actual tea? I would think it would pull up mugs, scoops, etc. (set I can understand. as it's a tea set.).

Oh, I think I see now, the - sign is in front of the word maker, but does that mean that whole string of words are omitted?

2. I have to really lean this stuff b/c I can see that Mighty Leaf doesn't use the word "beverage" in their tag, but I would think it would STILL pull the loose tea up b/c I had the word "tea" in there. Right?

3. How did you know to omit those words & somehow still pull up all the tins, sets, etc.?

4. How can I take out the word "test" from that search? Edit doesn't give me that option.

5. Also, I see it was placed in the category area. I didn't know the searches go there.

I didn't see my search there when I was just searching the Adigo merchant.

In fact I was at a loss as to where the searches were LOL

6. Lastly, on another note only b/c I don't want to start a thread. I think 2-3 times now I have not received notices that you responded to my thread.

I checked my spam folder in gmail & they aren't there either.