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Hi Eric,

In this post I've outlined how to make a category drop down menu:

Unfortunately, this is not really what I'm looking for… I may have confused you with an earlier thread.

What I want to do is this:

1. Create a 2 tier Menu in Factory > Store > Categories

Fashion & Lifestyle
- Womens Fashion & Lifestyle
This is done.

2. Create an Advanced Drop Down Filter:

Select a 'Product' (default button)
- Clothing
--- Shirt
--- Top
- Lingerie
--- Bras
--- Knickers
- Accessories
--- Shoes & Boots
--- Bags & Purse
The above should allow me to create specific top and subcategories, as this list will change in relation to Point (1). Consider this as tiers 3 and 4

3. Is completed.

Select a Brand (default button)
- Paul Smith (Brand relates to featured category)

Select a Merchant (default button)
- House of Fraser (Merchant relates to featured category)

Select a Price
- Less than 100
- 100 - 250

Search Button

However, I would like to combine Points 2 and 3 into one Widget View.

Hope this clarifies… :/

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