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Hi Eric,

Thank you for your help so far!

Basically, I am trying to clean up my store pages for easier navigation, as a result I have been messing around with the menu system.

I now know that I want to achieve the following example structure:

Category (Static List)

Fashion & Lifestyle
- Womens Fashion & Lifestyle

(SEO Friendly)

Advanced Filters (Drop Down Menu)

Select a Product
- Clothing
--- Shirt
--- Top

- Lingerie
--- Bras
--- Knickers

- Accessories
--- Shoes & Boots
--- Bags & Purse

Select a Brand (category related)
- Paul Smith

Select a Merchant (category related)
- House of Fraser

Select a Price
- Less than 100
- 100 - 250


I know we have achieved some of this, but I what to bring it all together!

Sorry to mess you around.

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