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Hi Eric,

There seems to be a problem - after updating my functions.php file with the code you provided, the "Store" tab vanished altogether from my site.

It's worth mentioning (in case the two things are related) that the functions.php code provided in your original post in this thread actually had the same effect on my "Store" tab (it vanished altogether) and it only displayed when I changed the code in the functions.php to the following (as per one of your other posts in this thread):

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
Try this code in your functions.php file instead
PHP Code:
// Add store categories to nav menu
function dfr_menu_items($items) {
$cats str_replace(array("<div>","</div>"), array("",""), datafeedr_tag('Category List?c=%ci'));
$items $items $cats;
add_filter'wp_nav_menu_items''dfr_menu_items' ); 

- Dan