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Thanks for this.

I really hope i can get this nailed. I think all the merchants will use the sizing and colour attribute in their datafeeds. They have to for Google shopping, so the data must be provided for affiliates as well, especially if its requested.

This functionality would provide the user with a website which has value. Today i wanted to buy some jeans, i thought i would use my own website. It took me ages to find a merchant that had my size in stock. If it wasn't my website, and wasn't getting a commission i would have left the website because i found it frustrating.

I want my website to be a place where people can read reviews about products and find a store where they can easily search products they want to buy.

At the moments i'm seeing that the sales are mainly coming through organic listings of the products, not many are from searching the website. If i could combine both, this would make me rich and i can retire on my yacht i have yet to buy. lol
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