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Originally Posted by Eric View Post

I guess the answer I would say (but you might not want to hear) is to not worry about them.

Even Google says:

Is there a reason you are worried about these errors?

I guess I was/am a little worried, because I've taken the time to create a ?hard? 404 / error page and then had the sites recrawled, and then cleared the crawl errors, and then more of the same or new or different links keeps popping up - or rather, more emails about these 'soft 404' error warnings.

Is it possible - that some sites are just down or not accessible while other data feeds are available? I have my automatic upload/refresh set to 3 days in the factory. If all sites are available except one site, then every day google will crawl my site all products from that one site will be missing? Then, on day 3 it should come back and maybe it's picking up other feeds that are missing products or being worked on.

I wonder - if I change the auto-update interval in the Basic Store Settings in the factory to 1 day instead of 3 days ... do you think it will make a difference? If so, I'll go change it - otherwise, I'll go with Google Help Doc and not worry too much about it - and move on.
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