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This is frustrating.... I am still receiving daily WMT error warning messages ... I can't figure out what's wrong or how to fix this and make it stop. This is an example of the site - just one of many with the same theme (

Quote: Increase in not found errors

Google detected a significant increase in the number of URLs that return a 404 (Page Not Found) error. Investigating these errors and fixing them where appropriate ensures that Google can successfully crawl your site's pages.

Recommended action
Check the Crawl Errors page in Webmaster Tools.
Check that pages on your site don't link to non-existent pages. (If another site lists a broken link to your site, Google may list that URL but you may not be able to fix the error.)
Learn more in our Help Center.
This is what that Crawl Errors link page looks like

Here's an example of the first link on that image, that does not exist with the code/page I've created..

Can anybody offer suggestions why WMT keeps sending me warnings?
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