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Hi again,
I still can't get this to work, I know I am missing something, so I have pasted the code below, could you tell me what's wrong please?

I have this code in the Text view of the page.
The only thing I changed was I named my view "web_codes_from_this_merchant" for my own clarity.

<?php echo datafeedr_tag('web_codes_from_this_merchant?c=coupons&amp;merchant='.get_the_title()); ?>
    <a href="[]"><strong>[]</strong></a>
    from <span style="color:#999;font-size:85%;font-style:italic;">[product.merchant]</span><br />
    [coupon.description]<br />
      <strong>Code:</strong> [coupon.code]<br />
      <strong>Restrictions:</strong> [coupon.restrictions]<br />
      <strong>Begin Date:</strong> [coupon.begin]<br />
      <strong>End Date:</strong> [coupon.end]<br />
Which produces this:

Reding through the referenced thread, I also tried using this -
[DFR:web_codes_from_this_merchant?c=coupons&merchan t='.get_the_title()]
but it just returned the "No products found" message.

Thank you again,

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