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Thanks ... will try but, ... Where do I find dfr_get_merchant_logos() function?

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
OK, to solve this issue you need to add some code to your dfr_get_merchant_logos() function. Find this line:

PHP Code:
$html .= '<a href="?merchant_id='.$v->merchant_id.'">'
And put in your store's front page URL such as this:

PHP Code:
$html .= '<a href="'.$v->merchant_id.'">'
The other pages I would recommend setting up canonical links for your product pages at least (and possibly your category pages).

Here's how to add a canonical link to your product detail pages:

Here's how to add a canonical link to your category pages (if needed):

That should tell the search engines that they should index the canonical version of the page, not a page with anything in the query string.

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