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Originally Posted by Eric View Post

I'm a little confused as to what you want. The product pages in your store are now displaying custom information.

Here's an example of a non-store 404 page page on your site:

Nothing in the URL changes if it's a 404. A 404 is served but the extra information is displayed. Isn't this what you want?

Picture is worth a thousand words ....

Your example is an example of a blog URL that doesn't exist. Genesis theme resorts to a 404 error and gives out a list of my archives, pages, recent posts, etc.

What Datafeedr has been doing when products are removed from the store is kicking out soft 404 crawl errors with google because I was redirecting it to root. We went through above and I had the same problem all all my sites - where I created that "Missing Product" view with some text and code. On RabbitLvr store I just tried your [DFR:Home] in the text widget and nothing else.

Here's one of those thousands of links in my google WMT crawl error list and what happens as a direct result of your Missing Product code:

See image:

// This is an afterthought - but I think it related too //

When I go back into my WMT account and review all the thousands of crawl errors .. there were only THREE types of store errors - ones like the URL's listed above
> the actual missing product url
>> /?price= category missing
>> similar to my problem .. /?merchant_id= appended after an invalid missing product url

Here's a screenshot from another WMT store crawl error list

Hope that now makes it more clearer, if not more sense
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