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Welcome to the forums!

1. Can you copy and paste the code responsible for displaying the slider into this thread? If you're not sure which code is responsible, just ask WooThemes. They will be able to tell you the code that is responsible for displaying the slider.

2. I don't see any H3 tags on your site. But if h3 { color: red; } doesn't work, try h3 a { color: red; }

3. What extra space are you referring to? Please provide the URL to the page you see the extra space.

4. Adding this to your Custom CSS should take care of it: #view .pl .t1 .bdr { border: 0; }

5. On what page? Store front page, category page, product detail page, other?

Here are some basics on a few things:

Adding Custom CSS:

Making CSS edits using Firebug: (This makes editing CSS much, much easier)

I see you've changed your product titles from h2 tags to h6 tags. This typically will break your layout unless you have updated your CSS to match your corresponding changes. Here's how to accomodate your HTML changes:

Here's how to change image sizes on your Product Detail pages:

Here are a few posts covering how to change product image sizes in Product lists such as on your store's Category pages: