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Thanks ... will check out LiquidWeb dedicated servers.

But - would that mean you are not familiar how good "multi-Datafeedr-sites" are on single shared servers? I recall reading or listening once that you don't have many Datafeedr sites yourself, except maybe a few for testing - because your business is making the datafeedr sites, not using them. I'd hate to move to a shared server and start pounding out a hundred stores locked in for a year and then it crashes on week 1. And, on the other hand .. I'd hate to have to move to another dedicated server unless I am sure it can handle my CPU and is cheaper.

Currently, my dedicated server is with Singlehop and has 12GB RAM plus $387/mo price includes a secondary hard drive where all my backups go.

This is what I got:

Main: 1 TB drive
Backup: 1 TB Drive
RAM: 12 GB
Bandwidth: 10,000 GB
Network: 100 Mbps
Processor: 2.4GHz E5620
OS: CentOS 5.8

This is what I'm paying for:

Current Charges:

Server $309.00
Managed: Flexible Take 2 $ 49.00
cPanel/WHM License (1 Server) $ 19.00
1 TB Seagate (7200RPM Sata) $ 10.00
Current Charges: >> $387.00

This kind of looks like that $279 plan except liquidweb has 4GB RAM and mine has 12 GB RAM ... I have no clue if tweaking resources will make it work or not - or if it's like putting a triangle piece into a square box - otherwise I would have tried that already. I know I've been asking for that and squeeking along minimizing plugins, theme redesigns, etc to help if I can.
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