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Default What's a good host for a lot of Datafeedr sites?

I've got a dedicated server, but I think it's too costly for me with the given traffic and bandwidth it serves. My new project is to peel 1-5 domains (depending on size) into smaller shared hosting accounts or reseller accounts. Currently, with all the automated backups and extra memory for CPU plus management (fast acting response) I'm paying $387/month. For 12 months that's $4644/year. If you take a single account at e.g. Bluehost or something comparable, that's something like $85/year .. I could in theory have 25 single accounts instead of 1 large account! Really, however I only have about 5 sites that a shared hosting will not work but, all the rest could be peeled into single or up to 5 sites on one account I figure, and maybe I could do this with no more than 15 single accounts and save over $3000/year ..

What I would like to hear is suggestions where I can easily move and operate my domain that has about 50 subdomains that I'd probably just keep at that if I can get 50 stores going ... currently only have 9 fully working stores with the new design and latest plugin.

I have been thinking Bluehost ...

Q) Will Bluehost work for 1 multisite having 50 (or more?) store activity with all the CPU calls needed?

Q) If you don't think Bluehost works well with Datafeedr sites - what do you recommend?

>> I would want cPanel and all that access - but don't believe in VPS (and their pricing) and just want a simple cheap hosting account that works 99.9999% of the time.

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